(n.) a cluster of artwork that reflects the idea, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

If walls could talk. We’ve heard this phrase a million times, and while walls can’t physically talk, they can tell a story. Artwork is a window into someone’s life, history and interests – and a hangstyle is one of the best ways to display it.

We believe that everyone deserves to have lasting art they love- from the seasoned art collector to the novice enthusiast. Providing a connection between the collector and the artist is our passion. Let us be that bridge for you.

“My favorite part about designing these gallery walls is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When I style art, each piece doesn’t need to be extraordinary or match entirely, it’s all about creating a bigger picture.”

- Sonja Teri, Founder 



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Lena Dunham (Brooklyn, NY)

Jenni Konner (Hollywood Hills)

Catt Sadler (Studio City)

Rebecca Prusinowski (Venice)

Salon Benjamin (West Hollywood)

The Black Cat (Silverlake)

W Hotels (Times Square & SF)

Ace Hotel & Swim Club (Palm Springs)

Subliminal Projects (Los Angeles)

A Casual Romance Productions (Hollywood)

The Marketing Factory (Venice)

The Roosevelt (Hollywood)


“Sonja Teri is my secret weapon of decorating.

-Jenni Konner


Sonja Teri

Drawn to the worlds of art and counter-culture like a moth to a flame, Sonja Teri has been making influential moves in the American art scene since she touched ground in Los Angeles almost 20 years ago. Combining her expansive background in marketing and brand management with her inherent attraction to art, Sonja became an integral part of her surrounding art market by acting as a bridge between creators and consumers. Sonja’s network of art makers and buyers began to grow exponentially as she continued to work with artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Curtis Kulig, and Tim Armstrong. In 2009 Sonja started Poster Child Prints, a business specializing in affordable print editions, which has since expanded to include art consultation, curation, and custom commission services. Now private collectors in Los Angeles and beyond call on Sonja for her expertise in bringing the freshest art from the streets into their homes. From production to installation, from public murals to private collections, Sonja is a powerhouse when it comes to all things art-related because throughout her career she’s never lost sight of what to her, has always mattered most: connecting people to the art they love.